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There is nothing for sale on this site, so don't ask. This is just my DVD collection!


This site is a personal archive of my DVD collection. This has been a hobby of mine for years. These took lots of time, money and trading to collect all of these DVDs. 
I'm looking for Horror movies and all other sorts of DVDs. If you know of any I'm missing from my list, E-mail me!
I'm a big fan of Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee Horror Movies.
Anyone having any Vampire movies please E-mail me!

DVDs Coming Soon:
New DVD Additions: Dawn of the Dead Fan Edits, Braindead Uncut, Clownhouse, King Kong 1976 TV Version, Chopper Chicks ib Zombie Town, Phantasm II

Last update was 05.14.2008

Please feel free to E-mail me about any sets I have in my collection!

Thanks for visiting.


E-Mail me!!!