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Key Storylines

Series Episode List

Note: Episode titles in red have never been broadcast in English.

# Gatchaman Battle of the Planets G-Force
1. Gatchaman vs. Turtle King Attack of the Space Terrapin The Robot Stegosaur
2. The Evil Ghostly Aircraft Carrier Rescue of the Astronauts The Blast at the Bottom of the Sea
3. The Giant Mummy that Calls Storms The Space Mummy The Strange White Shadow
4. Revenge of the Iron Beast Mechadegon The Space Serpent The Giant Centipoid
5. Ghost Fleet from Hell Ghost Ship of Planet Mir The Phantom Fleet
6. The Great Mini Robot Operation Big Robot Gold Grab The Micro Robots
7. Gallactors Great Airshow Ace from Outer Space The Bad Blue Baron
8. The Secret of Crescent Coral Fearful Sea Anemone The Secret of the Reef
9. The Devil from the Moon Jupiter Moon Menace The Sting of the Scorpion
10. The Great Underground Monster Battle A Swarm of Robot Ants The Antoid Army
11. Mysterious Red Impulse Space Rocket Escort The Mighty Blue Hawk
12. The Giant Eating Monster Ibukuron Beast with a Sweet Tooth The Locustoid
13. Mystery of the Red Sand N/A The Deadly Red Sand
14. Fearful Ice-Kander Perilous Pleasure Cruise The Rainbow Ray
15. Fearful Jellyfish Lens The Thing with 1,000 Eyes The Giant Jellyfish Lens
16. Mechanica, the Indestructible Machine Microfilm Mystery The Regenerating Robot
17. Great Insect Operation The Alien Beetles The Beetle Booster
18. Revenge! The Whale Operation A Whale Joins G-Force The Whale Submarine
19. Hell's Speed Race N/A The Racing Inferno
20. A Critical Moment for the Science Ninja Team N/A The Mightiest Mole
21. Who is Governor X? Mad New Ruler of Spectra Race of the Cyborgs
22. Firebird vs. Fire Eating Dragon The Sea Dragon The Fiery Dragon
23. Giant Raging Mecha Ball Magnetic Attraction The Mammoth Iron Ball
24. A Neon Giant who Laughs at the Dark The Musical Mummy The Neon Giant
25. Magma Giant, Emperor of Hell The Fiery Lava Giant The Rock Robot
26. The Godphoenix Reborn The Bat Ray Bombers The Secret Sting Ray
27. Gallactor's Witch Racer Race Against Disaster The ANIrobot
28. The Invisible Demon N/A Invisible Enemy
29. Gallack X, Demon Man N/A The Project Called "Rock E-X"
30. Kamisoral, the Guillotine Iron Beast The Ghostly Grasshopper The Attack of the Mantis
31. Plan to Assassinate Dr. Nambu The Galaxy Girls The Sinister STAR-ONE
32. Grand Operation Gezora (Part 1) Curse of the Cuttlefish, Part I The Giant Squid
33. Grand Operation Gezora (Part 2) Curse of the Cuttlefish, Part II In the Tentacles' Grip
34. Evil Aurora Operation N/A Operation Aurora
35. Fires of the Blazing Desert Demons of the Desert The Sun-Bird
36. Little Gatchaman Siege of the Squids The Deadly Sea
37. Renjira, the Electron Iron Beast Orion, Wonderdog of Space The Particle Beam
38. Mysterious Mechanical Jungle N/A The Dinosaur Man
39. Jigokiller, the People-Eating Flowers (Part 1) The Fierce Flowers, Part I The Monster Plants
40. Jigokiller, the People-Eating Flowers (Part 2) The Fierce Flowers, Part II Those Fatal Flowers
41. Murder Music The Space Rock Concert Killer Music
42. The Great Breakout Trick Operation Prisoners in Space Swan Song Prison
43. Romance Destroyed by Evil Victims of the Hawk Human Robots
44. Gallactor's Challenge Raid on Riga The Shock Waves
45. The Sea Lion Ninja Team in the Night Fog Seals of Sytron The Case of the Kalanite
46. Gatchaman in the Valley of Death Giant Gila Monster The Deadly Valley
47. The Devil's Airline The Capture of the Galaxy Code The Super-Z-20
48. Shutterkiller, the Camera Iron Beast Raid on a Nearby Planet The Camera Weapon
49. Fearful Mechadokuga Keyop Does it All The Mechanical Fang
50. Trachodon, the Dinosaur Skeleton N/A The Skeleton Curse
51. Revolving Beast Cateroller Peaks of Planet Odin Wheel of Destruction
52. The Secret of Red Impulse The Sky is Falling! Part I The Secret Red Impulse
53. Farewell Red Impulse The Sky is Falling! Part II The Van Allen Vector
54. Gatchaman Burns with Rage Raid of the Red Scorpion The Vengeance
55. Desperation of the Mini-Submarine Mammoth Shark Menace The Micro Submarine
56. Bitter Bird Missile N/A The Bird Missile
57. Evil White Sea Fastest Gun in the Galaxy Battle of the North Pole
58. Hell's Mecha Buttha Giant from Planet Zyr The Super Lazer
59. The Secret of the Mechanical Monster Factory Secret Island Mystery of the Haunted Island
60. Science Ninja Team G-6 Giant Space Bat G-Force Agent 6
61. Ghost of Red Impulse Attack of the Alien Wasp Dream of Danger
62. Blizzarder, the Snow Devil Decoys of Doom The Snow Devil
63. Massacre of the Mecha Curve Ball Zoltar Strikes Out The Strange Strike-Out
64. Deadly Christmas Present N/A A Deadly Gift
65. Super BEM, the Synthetic Iron Beast The Great Brain Robbery The Iron Beast
66. Devil's Fashion Show N/A When Fashion Was Fatal
67. Mortal Blow! The Gatchaman Fire Raid of the Space Octopus The Proto Monster
68. Particle Iron Beast, Micro Saturn Silent City Radioactive Island
69. Cemetery Under the Moonlight Peril in the Pyramids The Devil's Graveyard
70. United! Death Girls Rage of the Robotoids Mummy Mania
71. The Immortal Governor X The Alien Bigfoot The Abominable Snowman Cometh
72. Swarm! Invasion of Mini Iron Beasts Invasion of the Locusts Plague of Robots
73. Get Katse! Space Safari The Mammothodon
74. Secret of the Birdstyles Museum of Mystery Secret of the Power
75. Jumbo Shakora, the Sea Devil Peril of the Preying Mantis The Crab Robot
76. The Bracelets Exposed Awesome Ray Force The Reverser Ray
77. Berg Katse's Success The Duplicate King Shock Waves
78. Deadly Danger! 10,000 Meters Beneath the Sea N/A Battle on the Ocean Bottom
79. Stealing Gatchaman Information Defector to Spectra Stolen Identity
80. Return! Boomerang Panic of the Peacock The Mind Control Machine
81. Duel on Gallactor Island N/A N/A
82. Aim for Crescent Coral Reef! N/A Force of the Mega Robots
83. A Desperate Ring of Fire Mission to Inner Space The Flame Zone
84. Smog Fiber, Spiderweb Iron Beast Spectra Space Spider Web of Danger
85. That Guy is G-4 N/A The Secret of G-4
86. Gallactor's Monopoly Operation Super Space Spies N/A
87. Patogiller, the Triple United Iron Beast Cupid Does It to Keyop Galactor's Deadly Trap
88. Iron Beast Snake 828 Tentacles from Space N/A
89. A Trap Sprung in Crescent Base Island of Fear N/A
90. Armored Iron Beast Metangar The Awesome Armadillo N/A
91. Completion of the Plan to Destroy Crescent Base Invasion of Space Center, Part I N/A
92. The End of Crescent Base Invasion of Space Center, Part II N/A
93. Counterattack! Underground Torpedo Operation Save the Space Colony N/A
94 Electric Devil Beast Angler N/A N/A
95. Uniting Ninja Great Demon Man Charioteers of Changu N/A
96. Invasion of Gallactor Headquarters Vacation on Venus N/A
97. Leona 3, Spaceship Without a Future Rockets Out of Control N/A
98. Grape Bomber Spherical Iron Beast G-Force Defector N/A
99. Wounded G-2 Strike at Spectra N/A
100. Gatchaman 20 Years Later G-Force in the Future N/A
101. Hebi Cobra Sniper Group The Conway Tape Tap N/A
102. Reverse! Checkmate X N/A N/A
103. G-2 Risks Death N/A N/A
104. Evil Great Black Hole Operation N/A N/A
105. Earth Vanishes! 0002 N/A N/A