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Star Wars
Want List

Star Wars

Episode 1 ADM
Episode 2 ADM A Path to the Dark Side
Episode 3 ADM
Episode 1 Slumberland Edit
Episode 2 Slumberland Edit
Episode 3 Slumberland Edit
Episode IV Revisited
Star Wars Buliding Empire
Star Wars Deleted Magic
Star Wars Heroes & Villians
Star Wars Mythology
Star Wars Return of the Ewok
Star Wars Special Edition Hype
Star Wars Spoofs
Star Wars: The Story of Star Wars
Star Wars: The Story of The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition 
Star Wars Trilogy 
Star Wars Trilogy (VHS Rip) 
Star Wars Trilogy THX (VHS Rip) 
Star Wars Special Edition (VHS Rip) 
Star Wars Trilogy Split-Screen (Shows Original vs. Special Edition) 
Star Wars Prequels 
Star Wars Fan Films  
-Pulp Phantom 
-Contract of Evil 
-Bounty Trail 
-Dark Redemption 

Star Wars Comics 
-4 DVDs full of Star Wars comics 
***This is a must have for any Star Wars collector***

Star Wars Soundtracks
-Original Star Wars Trilogy  
-Shadows of the Empire 
-Star Wars Special Edition 
-The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition 
-Episode I 
-Episode III 

Star Wars Vinatge Cardbacks 
-Can make your favorite Star Wars foe on a Vintage Star Wars Cardback.  
-12 Back 
-Several other custom cards 

***I'm always looking for nice pictures to use for the custom cardbacks. I'm happy to share what I have. I would like the same in return. I have not made custom cards in sometime and have lost all of my work, I would appreciate any help.***

***Here are some thumbnails of my blank card templates. I have either made these or found them on the net.*** 

Page 1, Page 2 

Wanted Figures 
Loose figures:
-Darth Vader
-Mace Windu
-Clone Emperor
-Dark Empire Luke
Carded figures:
-Darth Vader Episode III
-Darth Vader Concept
-Boba Fett Concept
-Boba Fett Holiday Special
-Darth Maul 30th Anniversary