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Halloween Movies
Star Wars
Want List


Horror Movies 

13 Ghosts-The Original  
7 Brothers Meet Dracula  
Abbott&Costello Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde 
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein  
Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy  
Brides of Dracula  
Corridors of Blood  
Count Dracula & His Vampire Brides 
Curse of Frankenstein  
Dracula 1979  
Dracula 3000  
Dracula 1972 A.D. 
Dracula's Curse  
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave 
Dracula: Prince of Darkness  
Dracula's Great Love  
End of the World  
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell 
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed  
Halloween Collection  
Horror Express  
Horror Hotel  
Horror of Dracula  
House that Dripped Blood  
Humanoids from the Deep  
I Monster  
In Search of Dracula 
It Came from Beneath the Sea  
Kiss of the Mummy  
Kiss of the Vampire  
Lust for a Vampire  
Night of the Demons 2  
Return of the Vampire 
Revenge of Frankenstein  
Salem's Lot  
Scars of Dracula  
Taste the Blood of Dracula  
The Abomidable Snowman  
The Creeping Flesh  
The Evil Dead  
The Gorgon  
The Mummy  
The Mummy's Shroud  
The Satanic Rites of Dracula  
The Skull  
The Vampire Lovers  
The Wicker Man  
Twins of Evil  
Universal Horror 
Vampire Circus  
Virgin of Nuremburgh 
Howling II 
Night of the Demons  
Blood of Dracula 
Monster Squad 
Return of Count Yorga 
Prince of Darkness 
And Now the Screaming Starts 
Tomb of the Blind Dead 
Queen of Blood 
King Kong 1976 
Ghost Ship of the Blind Dead 
Elivra: Monsterama 
Bram Stoker's Dracula 
Dawn of the Dead - Unrated Director's Cut 
Dracula (1931) 
Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection 
Hammer Horror Series, The Franchise Collection 
Hound of the Baskervilles, The 
Mummy, The - The Legacy Collection 
Night of the Demons 2  
Blind Dead Collection 
The Reptile 
The Plague of Zombies 
Demons of the Night 

Cartoon DVDS 

Adventures of Superman 
All New Superfriends Hour  
Challenge of the Superfriends  
Galatic Guardians 
Justice League 1960 Series 
Justice League 
Justice League Unlimited 
Hong Kong Phooey 
Jonny Quest 
Legendary SuperPowers Show 
Superfriends 1978 Lost Episodes 
Superfriends Shorts 
Tom & Jerry 


Bad News Bears Trilogy 
Highlander 2 
Highlander 3 The Sorcerer 
Highlander 3 The Final Deminsion 
Highlander 4 Endgame 
Highlander 5  
Lord of the Rings Trilogy 
Matrix Trilogy 
Pitch Black Unrated 
Superman the Movie 
Superman the Movie Extended Version 
Superman 2 
Superman 2 Extended Edition 
Superman 2 R.I.C. 
Superman 2 Richard Donner Cut 
Superman 3 TV Version