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Halloween Trilogy Part II: Halloween 2

What is it about?
This one is a FanEdit of Halloween: H20, trimmed to improve the movie and fit into the trilogy from Pauley79.
Original film name: HalloweenH20
New film name : Halloween 2
Film studio name : Dimension Films
Date Original Film Was Released : 1998
Date Edit Was Released : 2006
Original Runtime : 1 hour and 26 min
New Runtime : 1 hour and 38 min

Cuts removed/added/extended :
1) This one is a FanEdit of Halloween: H20
2) Used the last few scenes of Halloween: A Night in Haddonfield for the opening
3) Removed the original opening credits
4) Removed all scenes of Jamie Lee and that damn shrink… Hated those love scenes
5) Jamie never gives her son permission to go on th field trip
6) Used the full opening of Halloween: Resurrection for this ending
7) old run time: 1 hour and 26 min / new run time: 1 hour and 38 min

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original: In 1998 Moustapha Akkad wanted to make a new Halloween movie.
But the question was how do you do something new and something that wasn’t done in the last set of movies? What do you do? You restart the series… Halloween: H20 was a way of restarting the series.
Picking up after Halloween II and bring back Jamie Lee Curtis. Then came Halloween: Resurrection! Picking up after Halloween: H20.
So I wanted to make a true Halloween Trilogy. Using only the movies, Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween: H20, and Halloween: Resurrection I have created three movies that fit prefectly into a Trilogy.