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Halloween Trilogy Part I: A Night in Haddonfield

What is it about?
This combines Halloween 1 and Halloween 2 to one complete movie and presents an all new ending.
Original film name: Halloween & Halloween II
New film name : Halloween: A Night in Haddonfield film studio name : Anchor Bay Entertainment & Universal Pictures
Date Original Film Was Released : 1978 & 1981
Date Edit Was Releasedv : 2006
Original Runtime : 91 min & 93 min
New Runtime : 2 hours and 54 min
Cuts removed/added/extended :

The following changes are from changes from my first Halloween: A Night in Haddonfield. Unfortantaly, this first version is no longer being offered.

1) The biggest change is that I fixed the format, now it is in 16×9 and it doesn’t look sretched.
2) The opening/credits has changed (again), but only slightly
3)The the extended movie (uncut) up to where we see Jamie Lee is school. There I switch to the original movie.
4)Removed the ended where we see the different places that Michael has been, and jumped right in to Halloween II.
5) Here is where the main edits come from. I have removed the first death scene of that girl in the house talking on the phone. I felt there was no need for it.
6)Removed the scene of that little girl and here mom having the cut in the mouth (slowed the movie down)
7)Removed all scenes of Jamie Lee and that EMT, execpt the last one near the end in the car.
8) A new ending (different from my first edit) this ending fits the triolgy better. I used the ending from “Halloween: Resurrection” of Michael in the morgue.

Extras: No room for extras